Peleshi: These areas are at risk of flooding

Peleshi: These areas are at risk of flooding

Defense Minister Niko Peleshi in a press conference today warned about the areas that may have problems as a result of worsening weather conditions.

Peleshi said that the areas of Shkodra, Kukës, Dibra and Lezha are at risk from the flooding of mountain rivers, risking to cause floods.

"So far, from the reports made in the last 24 hours from the districts, we do not have any problematic situations. River quotas so far are at normal quotas. In Shkodër, Kukës, Dibër and Lezë counties, there may be rapid floods of small mountain rivers and landslides

In urban areas in these counties, problems may occur, localized flooding depending on the condition of the sewers. But I want to let you know that all headquarters are on standby. Municipalities have worked in time to prevent flooding by cleaning the canals.

An extraordinary amount of rainfall in some areas can face us with unavoidable emergencies, so it is worth taking other additional measures to ensure the lives of the residents and their assets", said Peleshi.