After being questioned about the violence against the 15-year-old, Ardi Veliu publishes the video of his mother with a pistol in her hand

After being questioned about the violence against the 15-year-old, Ardi Veliu

The case of 15-year-old Sarandi Çobo, who was raped by police in the Artificial Lake two weeks ago, attracted the attention of the public, as the video was first published on social networks and then denounced by her mother. Regarding this case, the General Director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu, was asked today, who after taking over the responsibility that the effectives have passed the competencies, published a video of the teenager's mother, Zaida Çobos

During the report at the online meeting of the Security Commission, after being questioned by an MP, Veliu says that in this video, the teenager's mother appears with a pistol in her hand, which she uses to make jokes, questioning the family education of the 15-year-old.

My question relates to the case of a 15-year-old boy, whose video went viral in the media regarding the rape he was subjected to by police officers as much as it was broadcast. I don't want to prejudge the video, but I know that some measures have been taken by the State Police against these employees. Can you tell us publicly about your position on this concrete case?

Ardi Veliu: Not that I want to protect the police officers. Police officers in a certain case have a violation of competence and the police officer who has consumed this action has been suspended, disciplinary investigation has begun, at the same time a criminal investigation has been launched by the CIA. But trust me, if we look at what this boy represents from beginning to end, is this guy really convinced of all the actions, the police calls as his mother claims, who felt very offended? . He will show you a video of his mother, who his mother is, and believe what family this child comes from and then judge for yourself.

This is the mother of the boy with the pistol in his hand. Did I show you this video to tell you what kind of family this child comes from, how educated he is, how much he has obeyed the calls of the police and in the end the police, as always, become victims.