After the bad weather, here is the situation in the country

After the bad weather, here is the situation in the country

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, has provided updated information regarding the situation created by the rains. Peleshi said that the land surface covered by water has dropped significantly. While he added that the level of the rivers has dropped and the rains are continuing with low intensity.

"The rains have continued with low intensity during the night and the surface of the land covered with water in Shkodër has dropped significantly. Currently there are only 26 evacuated families. In Lezha there has been a significant improvement and there is water in only 4 apartments in 24 that were yesterday.

The roads in the northern region are passable, except for some segments. There were no problems in terms of movements in the southern and central axes. Work is underway and an inspection of the bridges is being carried out. There is a significant drop in the level of the Drin and Buna rivers.

In this situation, an increase in responsibility and level of cooperation with local government units is observed. The response was quick and there was good cooperation with all municipalities without exception, the minister emphasized.

All municipalities had and have at their disposal the emergency fund of 10 million euros, divided in proportion to the budgets of the municipalities. A fund which is also foreseen in the next year's budget" , stated Peleshi.