Rita's trap hour from the Serbian "fan"!

Rita's trap hour from the Serbian "fan"!

In the last few hours, Rita Ora was at the epicenter of criticism, but there were just as many who supported the singer.

If you see her performance, you can see that the Albanian singer didn't notice at all whose flag a "fan" threw at her on stage and she held it for a few minutes, probably with the conviction that it was the Hungarian one. Rita Ora was performing in Hungary. He also said this when he gave an answer to the embarrassing incident.

"I did not see clearly which country the flag represented. As soon as I left the stage I realized that it was a Serbian flag and not a Hungarian one. I support all my fans from all countries and cultures, but I want to make it very clear that I am a proud Kosovar Albanian and it was not my intention to disrespect my heritage, or upset the people, or my family," writes Rita.

Of course, it would have been ideal if the singer had seen the flag. What would he have done?


Why can't a singer from Kosovo wave the Serbian flag?

Because it hurts a lot of people, first.

Second, not in terms of importance, Serbia not only has the black stain of the war and murders in Kosovo, but to this day has not accepted the guilt, has not accepted Kosovo as a state.

In this case Rita Ora fell victim to a diabolical mind of a fan who is not a fan.

We recall that Serbia left no stone unturned for a drone with the flag of Greater Albania at the football match in Belgrade. A drone that shouldn't have flown on the field, but that's how music, sports, cinema, or literature are, in one way or another, spokespersons for history, sometimes with more effect than politicians.