The operation to return from Syria continues until the last Albanian returns

The operation to return from Syria continues until the last Albanian returns

During today's meeting of the Parliamentary Security Committee, it was also discussed how to deal with the remaining Albanians in the Syrian camps.

According to the head of the State Police, Gledis Nano, the operation in Syria will end until the last Albanian in the Islamic State returns to the country, but the right conditions are expected to be created to intervene.

"When there is data or criminal events, an investigation is launched into the issue of complaints and it is a service of the Ministry of Interior, they are competent themselves. From our side, it is concluded for administrative violations and punitive measures that police officers should take. In relation to the activity of each person, work is built and this is police work, which does not appear in the eyes of citizens and the media, but is a voluminous work performed by the police based on its obligation to the law.

But it is an obligation to exchange information with international partners, this is seen as an additional opportunity and an asset in the hands of the police to use the results. I have nothing to say about January 21, because it is still under investigation. Will the operations of Albanian citizens for the return from the Camps to Syria continue? It is an ongoing operation that will never end until the last person in Albania arrives. We have provided evidence that we know how to do that job. Due to the conditions in the country there, and all the conditions that need to be done together, we have to wait a bit, until we are ready for the next operation. Police structures should be there. "Not only the number of police officers, but also the focus should be more where there is a need", said Nano.