IOM gives Ok to SP proposal for extension of Vetting: Consultation is also needed with 'Venice'

IOM gives Ok to SP proposal for extension of Vetting: Consultation is also

The IOM supports the proposal to elect the KPC constitutional mandate to proceed with the Vetting process. The International Monitoring Operation has reacted after the request of the majority to extend the deadlines and for this the constitutional changes will have to be made, for the process for verification of prosecutors and judges to continue, because there is a considerable number that has not been verified while The deadline officially expires in June 2022. According to the IOM, it is necessary to extend the deadlines of the KPC and the Institution of Public Commissioners, for the deadlines there should be a consultation by the Albanian authorities themselves and a consultation with the Venice Commission.

Full response:

“In accordance with the monitoring mandate given to the IOM by the Constitution of Albania, the IOM considers that it is of paramount importance to complete all pending verification cases in the shortest possible period of time, while maintaining consistency and integrity. of the process. To achieve this result, a time-limited extension of the constitutional mandate of the members of the Independent Qualification Commission and the Institution of Public Commissioners is needed. This will allow the two bodies to complete all the cases in which the investigation has started. It is in the competence of the Albanian authorities to determine the exact deadlines of such an extension, in close consultation with the relevant actors, including the Venice Commission ".

IOM gives Ok to SP proposal for extension of Vetting: Consultation is also

5 years was the deadline of this institution, to verify about 800 prosecutors and judges, but the time for many reasons does not seem to be enough. The majority made this proposal at the meeting of the SP leadership a few days ago, while there is still no reaction from the opposition. Consensus must be found in the Assembly to decide on the postponement, and the majority with the opposition already in parliament does not have all the votes it needs, 77 out of 94 votes required.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama from last week's session where the political program was approved and voted, said that the hand for the opposition will be extended, but added that if there is no cooperation, for reforms such as electoral or constitutional, cooperation will be with the people.

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