OMN backs amendment to extend Vetting term, says Popovski: extension for process to end successfully

OMN backs amendment to extend Vetting term, says Popovski: extension for process

The International Monitoring Operation considers important the initiative of the Socialist Party to extend the vetting in our country, as it is necessary for the process of cleaning the judicial system from corrupt prosecutors and judges to be completed successfully.

During the meeting of the Legislative Council, the representative of OMN, Maciej Popovski said on behalf of the European Commission that the vetting bodies should be extended, in order to address the issues taking into account the developed capacities and experience gained. .

"On behalf of the European Commission, I tell you that this initiative is important. We support the amendment to extend the term of office of KPC members and Public Commissioners. The IOM considers this extension important for vetting to be completed successfully. This will allow issues to be resolved given the capacities developed and the experience gained.

The work that has been done so far not to lose and not to start everything from the beginning. IOM monitoring will continue at the same time. "These additional months that they foresee will be enough to complete the issues and then close these institutions", said Maciej Popovski, IOM representative.

At the end of September, the Socialist Party convened the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Group, where it was discussed about the extension of the Vetting deadlines, which provides for the intervention in the Constitution.

In the last session where the governing political program for the next 4 years was approved through voting, Prime Minister Edi Rama extended his hand to the opposition: He said that if the opposition is not ready for cooperation, important reforms such as elections or the Constitution will make them with the people, without adding more.