The Royal Court accuses the police of distributing the images: They should have been kept secret!

The Royal Court accuses the police of distributing the images: They should have

The Royal Court has reacted after the publication of footage of the physical collision between Prince Leka, his ex-wife Elia Zaharia and her father Gjergj Zaharia.

"Hello, as you have been informed, on the afternoon of March 5, Prince Leka was physically attacked with hard objects by his ex-wife and ex-father-in-law, and the videos of this moment were made public on social networks.

The videos were submitted only to the police station by Prince Leka ll Zogu, as material evidence for the violence against him, but despite being considered a secret, these materials, together with the statement, circulated widely on social networks and in the media. conveys unpleasant and violent images.

The Royal Court expresses its deep disappointment with the law enforcement institutions which we suspect have violated the right to anonymity by distributing the videos to third parties. Also, the Royal Court requests the intervention of the police and relevant institutions to delete these images from social networks and the media" - says the reaction of the Royal Court.

After that, there was a reaction from the police structures which say that the video did not come out from the police bodies.

Police reaction:

Regarding a reaction made by the Royal Court, today, we inform you that:

From our side, all the necessary procedural actions have been carried out in relation to the case, the footage has been seized, which has been forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Tirana.

We also declare that this video did not originate from the Police structures.