Frost and ice on the road: 4 tips for drivers

Frost and ice on the road: 4 tips for drivers

The Director of Traffic Police in our country Altin Qato in a statement to the media has shared an appeal to drivers to prevent accidents due to bad weather and frost on the road after the extreme drop in temperatures. Qato said that in high-risk areas there will be increased patrols by the police to orient drivers.

Statement by Altin Qatos

Director of Traffic Police in the State Police First Leading Altin Qato, statement to the media about the situation due to low temperatures. Given the situation created as a result of bad weather, yesterday and overnight with snowfall in some areas, as well as very low temperatures causing frost and ice, mainly on rural mountain road axes, the State Police has take a series of measures to come to the aid of all road users in case of need.

The Traffic Police Services, the General Patrols, the Eagle Forces and those of the FLO, are all on the ground, all over the country, monitoring the traffic and coming to the aid of the residents in case of need. In high-risk areas, there will be increased patrols by the Traffic Police to guide drivers.

At the same time, the Traffic Police is cooperating with road owners and contracting companies, to keep the roads clean and to have snowplows on standby in case of the presence of ice or snow on the roads. In order to prevent road accidents, the Traffic Police appeals to all drivers, in the first place to avoid unnecessary movements mainly in mountainous areas where there is snow, frost and ice.

· To put on winter tires and to have with them the chains of all those drivers, who move in the areas where there is snow, frost and ice.

· All drivers should not drive faster than the allowed norms or instructions of the police services for special road axes, to show caution and to keep the distance while moving.

· Do not use the mobile phone in any way, while driving the vehicle and put on the seat belt and drivers of motor vehicles put on the protective helmet.

· Not to make wrong overtaking or maneuvers on the road and to stand in line in case on any road segment for various reasons, there may be slow traffic or traffic stop.