From today until August 3, graduates can apply for the University

From today until August 3, graduates can apply for the University

From today, every high school graduate can apply online to U-albania to select the list of desired branches to study.

The results of the exams, the average, but also the statistics of the past years help the graduates to better orient themselves in the branches they want and the branches they can achieve.

The application is made at this link

"Starting from today until August 3, the U-Albania portal will be open for you to make applications.

I suggest that you rely on your inclinations and passions, but also consult with teachers and parents once again, in order to make the right choice and increase the chances of getting the most suitable program for you.
I would invite you to pay maximum attention to the study programs that we have designated as a national priority. As you know, these programs are related to several fields of humanities, teaching, natural sciences, engineering, agriculture and services. Excellent students and those who choose priority programs will benefit from an exemption from fees and monthly scholarships worth the minimum wage, according to the provisions of VKM No. 386 approved in June of this year https://bit.ly/3O7srrS .

Also, based on the last agreement we signed with Kosovo, I would like to invite young men and women from Kosovo to apply to pursue higher studies in our universities, with equal rights just like students in Albania," he writes. minister Kushi.