Tomorrow the match Albania-Faroe Islands, here are the roads that are blocked in the capital

Tomorrow the match Albania-Faroe Islands, here are the roads that are blocked in

The State Police has drawn up a plan of measures for the international match that will take place tomorrow at 'Air Albania' between Albania and the Faroe Islands.

For the smooth running of this activity, as well as to facilitate the circulation of vehicles in the city of Tirana, during November 20, 2023, from 15:00, until the end of the match, the State Police, in cooperation with the municipality of Tirana, will apply vehicle traffic restrictions on some road axes near the stadium.

The roads that will be blocked:

- "Dëshmorët e Kombit" boulevard, 20 m above the Dajti bridge;
- "Pope John Paul II" street;
- "Dervish Hima" street, near the US embassy;
- "Asim Zeneli" street, near the US embassy";
- "Themistokli Gërmenji" street;
- "Ismail Qemali" street, at the intersection of the high school;
- "Mustafa Matohiti" street, near "Kosova" school;
- "Jul Variboba" street, near the post office;
- "Lekë Dukagjini" street, near the former Guard of the Republic;
- "Avdyl Frashëri" street, near Libri Universitar intersection.

In implementation of the plan of measures, State Police employees will exercise detailed control over the fans, before entering the stadium, in order to prevent the entry into the stadium of banners with racist content, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics, metal coins , umbrellas, lighters, mobile phone chargers, tools/products for cosmetic use and other strong items, dangerous to the life and health of the participants.

The entrance gates to the stadium, on the day of the match, will open at 17:00.

We ask for the understanding of the fans to appear at the entrance of the stadium, starting from this hour, as due to the influx of fans, just before the start of the match, they may lose the opportunity to enter the stadium. Also, we appeal to fans and citizens to be vigilant in order not to fall prey to fraud with ticket prices, which are officially made public, as well as not to publish purchased tickets on social networks, as they can be duplicated in violation of the law. Each ticket is equipped with a barcode, it is personal and must be kept only by the citizen who owns it, who, in turn, will pass alone, to check the barcode from the device that automatically records every attempt to enter with a ticket falsified or duplicated. - informs the police.