Tomorrow the deadline for registration of children in kindergartens and nurseries, will they be open in the summer?

Tomorrow the deadline for registration of children in kindergartens and

June 11 is the deadline for enrolling children in kindergartens and nurseries in Tirana. In an interview for Klan, the director of these institutions in the Municipality of Tirana, says that there has been an increasing influx, however the capacity is to accept 12 children per day. Nurseries and gardens will continue to be open throughout the summer, from morning until afternoon with full service.

"From year to year to receive this service, the flow is increasing. On Friday, all this documentation comes to the Directorate of Nurseries and Kindergartens and it is the commission that reviews it to then issue the names of the children who will attend the nursery. Tirana has 37 kindergartens, so there were 36 and a new kindergarten that was added in Qesaraka in April, there are 45 kindergartens in urban Tirana and 50 groups in rural Tirana. "It has the capacity to welcome up to 12,000 children a day."

The census started on Monday, June 7, while the Municipality of Tirana published the list of documents needed and priority categories such as children with orphan status and special needs.

"The number of vacancies that correspond to the number of children leaving kindergarten for kindergarten is around 2,000 vacancies. The number of applications to receive this service is much higher. Initially, the service will receive priority categories, where are children with special needs, children of parents with special needs, children with orphan status or parents with orphan status and children of parents treated with economic assistance. "After passing this group of children, the next group that I have priority, are the children of parents who are in employment."

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