The rules change, everything you need to know to schedule a work visa appointment in Germany

The rules change, everything you need to know to schedule a work visa

The German Embassy has announced new rules for all Albanian citizens who want to schedule an appointment to apply for a work visa in Germany.

According to the announcement posted on Facebook by the Embassy, ??it is said that due to the high demand for applications that exceed the number of schedules that can be made available, the schedules have been decided by lot.


Interested persons will have the opportunity from December 1 at 09.00 to December 17 at 12.00, through the online system of scheduling embassy application schedules to express their interest in the lottery procedure.

From all the applications registered through a computer lottery will be selected, who will receive an application schedule for the period January to early February 2022. The lottery procedure will be carried out each time at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin under the supervision of several persons .

Please register yourself and calmly for the lottery procedure and be very careful in entering your data correctly.

Important information:

Multiple registrations are excluded.

Subsequent modification of the recorded data is impossible.

Transferring the application schedule to another person is not allowed.

Earlier registration has no advantage over subsequent registration.

The involvement of third parties (eg agencies) is not necessary and does not bring any advantages.

The Embassy does not schedule extra appointments, so please waive this type of request.

Further information will be published shortly on our website. https://bit.ly/3HYUMyA