Changes in the Civil Status Law! Every citizen has the obligation to indicate where he lives

Changes in the Civil Status Law! Every citizen has the obligation to indicate

Interior Minister Taulant Balla, for the media, said that the law on the address system will be changed. Balla emphasized that every citizen has an obligation to show where he lives. The declaration of residence can be made on the e-albania portal.

'The deepening of the reform undertaken by the government regarding the Civil Status system in RSH. Two weeks ago I was before you about the changes we made, the changes in the law on the address system. With these new changes, the digitization process is taken to another level, increasing the number of services that are added online. All services that go online are related to recognition either with the digital seal or the validity of these documents, during the last two years from the Civil Status 11.3 million digital certificates. Translated into financial value saved from the pockets of Albanian citizens, it is 13.2 million euros. Here you don't even count the time lost by these citizens. We agree that this digital revolution has not only saved time, but also saved money from the pockets of Albanian citizens. I address to every citizen, it is a legal obligation to declare residence and place of residence.

In the law, it is recommended to make the declaration of residence and place of stay mandatory. A copy of the document is needed to state that the X family lives at this address. There are about 14 thousand Albanian citizens who live outside the territory and have fulfilled this obligation. It is not possible to move money without declaring the place of residence and residence.

Fictitious marriages and this has been regulated with the changes we have brought to the law. There are a number of complaints saying why the birth registration service should be done through attendance. There are some services that have this form of tradition due to the verification that must be done by civil status office employees. Today, Albania is not in the Balkans, but the champion in Europe when it comes to online services offered to citizens.'- said Balla.