New Covid mutations are not allowing 'Herd Immunity' to be achieved

New Covid mutations are not allowing 'Herd Immunity' to be achieved

Coronavirus mutations are increasingly questioning the immunity of the mass. In an interview, the director of the IPH Albana Fico says that now the focus should be on vaccination, to have protection against aggravated disease and fatality due to Covid.

'It is a little difficult to talk about the immunity of the herd in the presence of strains, which have changed their parameters. The mode of infection, the transmission and the development of the disease has dismantled the definition of herd / mass immunity ', she says.

Dr. Albana Fico was also asked if children aged 12-26 would be vaccinated. She responded by saying that this issue is being discussed by the Vaccination Committee in Albania.

'It is being considered by the relevant Committee, This is an issue closely related to studies for this age group. There will be a statement and then a directive '.

The Delta variant has caused an increase in cases with Covid and hospitalizations, where young age groups are no exception. Experts, emphasizing the vaccine, say that if Albania continues with these vaccination rates, by the end of December the vaccination of 80% of the population will have been achieved.

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