Bad weather/ Lessons are interrupted in 56 schools

Bad weather/ Lessons are interrupted in 56 schools

The Minister of Education, Evis Kushi, has announced that classes will be interrupted in 56 schools in the country due to bad weather.

"Due to the heavy rainfall situation in some areas of the country, after intensive communications these days with local education offices and municipalities, we inform you that classes have been interrupted in the following schools:

1. "Perlat"
9-year school, Hamallaj, 2. "Met Hasa"
9-year school, Durrës, 3. "Fshati Rinia" 9-year school, Durrës,
4. "Mehmet Shpendi" United High School, Shale,
5. "Giman" 9-year school, Shale,
6. "Theth" 9-year school, Shale,
7. "Don Prek Ndrevashaj"
9-year school, Shosh, 8. "Palaj" 9-year school, Shosh ,
9. "Nicaj" Primary School, Shosh,
10. "Kir" 9-year School, Pult,
11. "Kasnec" Primary School, Pult,
12. "Pog" Primary School, Pult,
13. "9-year School" Bruçaj", Pult,
14. "Plan" 9-year school, Pult,
15. "Maja Thanas" Primary School, Pult,
16. "Xhan" 9-year school, Pult,
17. "Azem Hajdari" Primary School, Fierzë,
18. 9-year-old school in Lugun e Zi, Old Tropoja,
19. "Oso Dauti" United High School, Llugaj,
20. 9-year-old school "Kolec Mekshaj", Tale,
21. "Grykë Lumi" 9-year school, Shënkoll,
22. "Llesh Nik Daka" United High School, Shënkoll,
23. Marash Gjoni 9-year school, Rrilë,
24. "Llesh Nik Daka" United High School Zejmen", Zejmen,
25. 9-year school "Spiten", Zejmen,
26. 9-year school "Tresh", Zejmen,
27. 9-year school "Pllane", Zejmen,
28. 9-year school (non-public) "Effata", Pllane,
29. United High School "Frank Bardhi", Kallmet,
30. 9-year school "Rrabosht", Kallmet,
31. Non-public 9-year school "Saint Eufemia", Kallmet,
32. United High School "Ndoc Gjetja", Lezhë Island,
33. 9-year school "At Zef Pllumi" Shëngjin,
34. 9-year school "Fran Ivanaj", Shëngjin Island,
35. United High School "Kalivaç", Hungary,
36. United High School "Hungary", Hungary,
37. 9-year school "Gjergj Kastrioti", Lezhë,
38. School 9- "Besëlidhja", Lezhë,
39. "Gjergj Fishta"
9-year school, Lezhë, 40. "Kosova"
9-year school, Lezhë, 41. "Mother Tereza" 9-year school, Lezhë,
42. Secondary school professional "Kolin Gjoka", Lezhë,
43. Gymnasium "Hydajet Lezha", Lezhë,
44. "Rogacioniste" Non-Public High School, Lezhë,
45. "Academi Center" Non-Public School, Lezhë,
46. "At Shtjefen Gjecovi" 9-Year Non-Public School, Lezhë,
47. "Karl Gega" United High School, Balldren,
48. "Torovicë"
9-year school, Balldren, 49. "Kakarriq" 9-year school, Balldren,
50. "Pjeter Zarishti" United High School, Blinisht,
51. "Troshan" 9-year school, Blinisht ,
52. United High School "Ndre Mjeda", Dajç,
53. United High School "Gjovalin Gjadri", Gjadër,
54. 9-year School "Mark Rrozhani", Mabë,
55. 9-year School "Manati ", Kolsh,
56. 9-year school "Barbullojë e Re", Kolsh.

We have taken this decision for the safety of the students, until the situation improves. Meanwhile, all our structures are constantly on the ground and the municipalities are committed to taking measures and assessing the situation step by step. Lessons for missed hours will be replaced in the following according to a calendar determined by DPAP.

We thank all the parents, students and teachers for their understanding and commit ourselves to the maximum to do everything possible to return to normality as soon as possible", Kushi announces.