Interior Minister Çuçi responds to the accusations: I have a sailing association and not a boat company!

Interior Minister Çuçi responds to the accusations: I have a

Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi has reacted after the accusations that he has a boat company. He says on Facebook that he has a sailing association, passion with his friends and that in no case a boat company.

Cuc's reaction

There is an attempt to produce facts to illustrate Sali Berisha's ready accusations against me after the recent tragedy in Himare. Out of respect for the public opinion, which is rightly burdened by the tragedy of the 7-year-old girl and the pain of her family, I want to clarify that the equipment with my name and an association of sports sailors that I have created with their passionate friends, do not they have nothing to do with any business and even more so with speedboats or dinghies. I reject these tricks with disgust, as they want to disgustingly misuse this tragic event, to keep it alive for their political troubles.
During these difficult days for every Albanian, but especially for the girl's family and for us who are responsible for the safety of their lives, I have tried to speak with concrete actions against the perpetrators of that tragedy, who are now before justice, including and the entire chain of command of the Vlora Border Police.
I think this is the right way to respect the pain of the girl's family and her relatives. The road to face the mud of Sali Berisha is 30 years old and does not challenge me. We simply have an obligation to the Albanians to separate Albania's fate from its fate and mud.


Yesterday, Sali Berisha accused Çuçi of owning a boat company.

Meanwhile, today, after the status of the minister, Berisha writes again:

"The minister of the Çuçi family is a scoff-minister!

Dear friends, the media announce that the minister of the Çuçi family is a member of the Association of Skiers, so Skafo is the minister or jan of skiers and their works.
The association of the minister of the family, who still has not said a word about the macabre murder of the 7-year-old girl by the police trafficker, has smugglers like S. Topçiu and traffickers like Roland Ziu. sb

Below you have the data that proves his crazy passion for speedboats, traffickers and smugglers", writes Berisha.