Among the victims of Covid a 33 year old. Areas where new cases were discovered

Among the victims of Covid a 33 year old. Areas where new cases were discovered

8 people have lost their lives as a result of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. While 768 have been confirmed infected with coronavirus. From the figures published by the Ministry of Health, there is a decrease in cases of infection, but an increase in loss of life, as the day before it was reported for 7 loss of life.

As a result of Covid lost their lives:

4 citizens from Tirana aged 33-77 years, 1 citizen 49 years old from Fieri, 1 citizen 62 years old from Shkodra, 1 citizen 70 years old from Lushnja, 1 citizen 85 years old from Vlora.

Currently, 217 patients are receiving treatment at COVID Hospitals, of which 23 are in a more serious condition.

The most infected cases have been confirmed in the following municipalities:

267 cases in Tirana, 76 in Fier, 49 in Shkodra, 41 in Durres, 34 in Vlora, 28 in Elbasan, 24 in Berat, 19 in Mallakastra, 18 in Kruja, out of 17 cases in Kamza, Korca, 16 in Kukes, 15 in Kuçova, 14 in Gjirokastra, out of 13 cases in Lezha, Kurbin, Saranda, 10 in Dimal, 8 in Pogradec, 7 in Dibra, 6 in Kavaja, out of 5 cases in Malësi e Madhe, Vora, Skrapar, Poliçan, Peqin, from 4 cases in Cerrik, Libohovë, from 3 cases in Vau i Dejës, Puka, Devoll, from 2 cases in Gramsh, Kolonjë, Memaliaj, Himarë, Has, Mirditë, from 1 case in Tropojë, Rrogozhinë, Mat, Divjakë, Selenica, Delvinë , Këlcyrë, Tepelena, Librazhd.

There are 12,257 active COVID19 patients nationwide.

Statistics (23 September 2021)

New daily cases 768
Cured in 24 hours 986
Hospitalized 217
Loss of life in 24 hours 8
Daily tests 5005

Total tests 1,171,445
Positive cases 165,864
cases 150,998 Active cases 12,257
Loss of life 2,609

Geographical distribution of active cases by regions:

Tirana 5454
Shkodra 1138
Durres 1105
Fier 1132
Vlora 689
Elbasan 623
Lezha 542
Berat 487
Kukes 304
Korca 296
Gjirokastra 255
Dibra 232

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