Swiss media about the two drivers of the dangerous race in Vlora: They do not have their own luxury cars, here is the truth

Swiss media about the two drivers of the dangerous race in Vlora: They do not

The car race of two Kosovar drivers near Vlora has attracted attention, starting from the recent tragic events of the country, with accidents where a whole family from Patos was killed. Swiss media Blick has shown that the cars with Swiss license plates are not owned by two Kosovar boys. What is the story of the two luxury cars for which the analyst Enver Robelli wrote in one of his posts that in Switzerland such a gesture would be considered a crime?

Here is what Blick writes:

A gray Lamborghini roared towards the Albanian coastal city of Vlora, followed by a black BMW. Luxury cars raced against each other at a speed of 225 kilometers per hour. On that road the maximum speed is allowed at 100 km / h. Albanian police stopped cars near the entrance to the city.

One of the drivers, that of Lamborghini is 40 years old, who lives in Switzerland. From the car identification number, it turns out that the car was rented by a luxury car company in Switzerland, named Schübelbach SZ. The owner of the company declined to comment on the incident, he simply said that he is on vacation and that he is not aware of such an incident.

While the driver of BMV is a 37-year-old from Kosovo. His car belongs to a cleaning company in the canton of Schwyz. Their company boss is also on vacation and was not available to talk to Blick.

The two drivers received fines, 1,000 and 1,500 francs, respectively. The Albanian police addressed a message to all drivers: “Driving the vehicle at such a speed is fatal. "You are seriously endangering your life and the lives of other road users."

Blick article, translated and adapted into Albanian by Tiranapost.al.