In the case of Enkelejd who sells wheat cheaply, Erion Brace says two golden rules

In the case of Enkelejd who sells wheat cheaply, Erion Brace says two golden

Erion Braçe continues with his biggest cause for the farmers and producers of the Albanian village. In the village of Bashkim, (fshar in Fier) is Enkelejdi who produces wheat, barley, but sells it cheaper and cheaper than the market, hurting himself.

Brace shows how the distance from the market, as well as the inability to keep barley or wheat somewhere, made these farmers give it cheaper, sometimes even at cost, as in the case of Enkelejdi, who reveals it in the posted status.

Finally Brace has some messages so that no one falls prey to the collectors.

In Bashkim (village), #fier!

Enkelejd Tafa has this wheat!
Work, effort, sacrifice, expense and finally this product.

Every time he did services and threw away his garbage, he thought of the price in the end;

and the farther you are from the market, the easier you are, falling prey to collecting hawks!

They asked me for 32 lek, he says.
The price is 50 lek per kilogram and do not give it - I say. Where to keep it. I made super barley and sold it immediately at cost to the first one who came because I had skis where to keep it, it would be the turn of the wheat.

I want to repeat the appeal;
do not give the wheat for less than
50 lek! Do not give the grain and then agree on the price;
do not do both at the same time, otherwise what price do they do; do not give the wheat without a tax invoice, you do not pay anything, but the invoice is a guarantee for you, your wheat, the income from it! ”, writes Brace.

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