Other Pfizer vaccines arrive, Manastirliu calls on students: Get vaccinated before school starts

Other Pfizer vaccines arrive, Manastirliu calls on students: Get vaccinated

From the Saranda Health Center, which provides services to more than 44,000 citizens of Saranda, the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu announced that today will arrive in Albania another significant amount of Pfizer vaccines, bringing to over 1,700,000 total doses of vaccines coming into the country.

"We will have over 50,000 Pfizer vaccines coming today and they will be immediately distributed to health centers, to our concentrated vaccination points but also we are continuing to work with mobile units to vaccinate door to door and to vaccinate families," to vaccinate citizens who find it impossible to move, "Manastirliu said.

The Minister of Health has invited all citizens over 18 years of age to be vaccinated as soon as possible, appealing to students to be vaccinated before the start of the new academic year.

"We are committed to continuing during August with the vaccination of the +18 age group, stopping the focus on all those who are most at risk +50 years, but also targeting students, those who should be in auditors in the new year, to be as protected as possible, to make it possible to limit the spread of the Delta variant and also to reduce and reduce serious cases and fatalities ", underlined Manastirliu.

In our country so far have performed 1,203,087 antivCOVID vaccinations. Over 530,000 citizens have received both doses of the vaccine.

August will be an open vaccination month for all citizens +18 years old, to be vaccinated anywhere in health centers or in centralized vaccination points, where anyone can present their ID card. For the disabled, mobile vaccination units will be everywhere in the territory to give the opportunity to carry out vaccination against COVID19 to all citizens.

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