Cooperation agreement between the University of Tirana and Credins bank

Cooperation agreement between the University of Tirana and Credins bank

Credins bank and the University of Tirana signed a new cooperation agreement, for the enrichment of students' curricula and the possibility of employment in the banking sector. The signing of the agreement was signed by Mr. Maltin Korkuti, General Director of Credins bank and Mr. Artan Hoxha, Rector of the University of Tirana.

During the meeting, the focus of the discussion was on the creation and development of teaching practices, on financial and mainly banking education. Credins bank, as one of the most important institutions contributing to education in the country, will provide internships, paid internships, curriculum development, employment opportunities, etc. Credins bank through its "You Are Credins" academy offers a complete infrastructure combining theory and practice from the best Credins bank mentors, experts in the banking sector, foreign lecturers, as well as the best academics of the faculties in Albania .

Collaborations of this level come to increase even more the interactions between the academic world and the private sector, in various activities that bring the development of society in the country.

Between discussions Mr. Maltin Korkuti quoted that - "Credins bank is grateful that a part of our employees are a successful contingent coming from the University of Tirana's auditorium. The synergy between the business world and the academic world is a partnership that brings success and development to the country."

On the other hand, the Rector of the University of Tirana Mr. Hoxha expressed his gratitude to Credins bank for this partnership, which will be a great help for students.

- "Students who are evaluated by the banking structures as the main potential, always bring development of the country and society" - emphasized, among other things, Mr. Artan Hoxha.

Unification through various educational projects that will be proposed by Credisn bank, aims to increase the general capacity of students in the field of business, as well as to bring models of success in the development of the country's economy.

This cooperation also comes within the framework of the bank's 20th anniversary, where the field of education and employment of young people are a continuous part of the strategy and main policies of Credins bank.

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