Manja: Today justice has a new test to reinvestigate January 21

Manja: Today justice has a new test to reinvestigate January 21

The publication of the audios of the Guard of the Republic on January 21, 2011, which reveals the orders given for the killing of 4 demonstrators in front of the Prime Minister's Office 12 years ago, brought out today, on the 12th anniversary of the still unpunished tragedy, in a press conference the Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja.

"January 21 is a state crime and a pure act of terrorism by the state against its citizens", the minister said today, as he called on the "New Justice" to act in the light of the new evidence already revealed by the media. investigated the serious incident where 4 opposition protesters were killed.

Manja said that the Socialist Party has clearly been on the side of justice throughout these 12 years:

"Today, on January 21, the question arises again, as every January 21 for 12 years: Where is justice? What is done with this unpunished state crime? What about Edi Rama, the Socialist Party that has been in power for 9 years, where are they? There are even many people who say that the government of this party does not want the perpetrators of the January 21 murders to be punished. But the Socialist Party and Edi Rama have answered all these dilemmas with the Justice Reform and expect from the "New Justice" the missing justice for January 21. We are clearly on the side of justice," he said.

"January 21 is a state crime! It is a pure terrorist act of the state against its citizens and there is no justification! Anyone who tries to justify this state crime as a game of power commits a new crime against justice, because the life of each of us cannot be treated as a game of political power. Life cannot be compensated for by anything else in this world and is worth more than any power. They were killed in democracy while protesting as free citizens every day by the rifles of the power of the time at the doors of this Prime Minister's office," the minister further stated.

But he said that justice today has a new test and can recover the lost time for the impunity of this crime.

"Even though this is a universally known fact, today 12 years after this ugly crime, in addition to the voluntary declarations of the former Prime Minister Berisha, who continues to persistently say every day in voice and image that the Guard of the Republic killed them for protect the walls of this building, from last night at dinner there is a new material evidence that proves who are the real orderers and perpetrators of these murders that took the lives of 4 of the best of us and that finally killed the spirit of protest in this country . As the Minister of Justice, on behalf of the citizens and the highest public interest, I have the duty to raise my voice until justice is served," was the call of Minister Ulsi Manja.