Lonely Planet ranks Albania among the destinations of 2023

Lonely Planet ranks Albania among the destinations of 2023

The 2023 edition of Lonely is divided into five categories: food, learning from travel, exploration, relaxation and interaction.

Albania is included in the category of the best in travel 2023 for interaction and is also presented with the photo of the article excerpted from the magical Valbona.

"In some places you can start the day in the mountains and end it in the sea. The natural beauty of Albania will leave you breathless. Albania may earn a spot on our best vacation travel list, but when you hike through its mountains, you'll definitely have more time to bond with the people who live there," the guide describes. global.

The best time to visit Albania is between May-June and September-October where local temperatures range from 13 to 23 degrees Celsius, according to Stuart Butler, tourism expert who has suggested a 4-day guide to visit Albania in 2023, where, among others, he mentioned Shkodra, the Valbona Valley, Thethi, Syr e Kaltër, the "Marubi" National Museum of Photography, the Shala River, etc.

Why should you visit Albania?

"For most people, Albania is an enigma. A country in Europe, but not like the rest of Europe. Less refined. Maybe rougher around the edges. And that's what makes traveling here so appealing.

During a brutal communist dictatorship, during which religion was banned, so was travel and property was nationalized. Albania's borders were closed to most foreigners. While the communist period ended in 1991, few foreigners still visit today.

However, those who do, discover a land of rugged mountains and an ancient history.

Visiting Albania is a real adventure. A place with a warm heart, where hospitality, pride and tradition intertwine and a friendly smile is always a glance away," writes Butler.

Best of 2023 Travel List, by Lonely Planet categories

Food/culinary pleasure

It's no surprise that Lima appears as one of the picks under the "eat" category of Lonely Planet's list. Restaurants in the capital of Peru have been included in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world for years.

Lima, Peru

Umbria, Italy

Fukuoka, Japan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Montevideo, Uruguay

South Africa


Whether you're hitting the road in search of a good restaurant or a gorgeous cityscape, travel is all about discovery along the way to your itinerary.

Nova Scotia, Canada


National Natural Park, Colombia

Western Australia

Istanbul - Sofia by train (Turkey-Bulgaria)


Relaxation / Relaxation

Pandemia nxiti gjithashtu një dëshirë tjetër: stresi i punës nga shtëpia ndërsa fëmijët shkolloheshin nga “zoom”, do të thotë që shumë udhëtarë thjesht duan të bëjnë një pushim të gjatë. Destinacionet e ishujve, si Xhamajka dhe Dominika në Karaibe, janë vetëm vende për t’u çlodhur, sipas Lonely Planet.

Halkidiki, Greqi



Raja Ampat, Indonezi



Kontakti i afërt / rilidhja / ndërveprimi

Sipas Lonely Planet energjia në këto destinacione do t’ju çojë në një aventurë që ju lidh me kulturën dhe komunitetin. “Ndërsa bota u hap pas kufizimeve të gjata Covid, shumë udhëtarë ndien dëshirën për t’u lidhur ose rilidhur me të tjerët”.



Akra, Gana

Sidnej Australi


Boise, SHBA

Të mësuarit nga udhëtimi

Have you started baking sourdough or learning a new language while in isolation? If you want to keep the spirit of learning alive beyond the pandemic, Lonely Planet suggests visiting these places to deepen your knowledge.

Manchester, United Kingdom

New Mexico, USA

Dresden, Germany

El Salvador

Southern Scotland

Marseille, France