Former judge of Kruja Enkeleda Hoxha is released

Former judge of Kruja Enkeleda Hoxha is released

The Special Court of Appeals released from custody the former judge of Kruja Enkeleda Hoxha and the secretary of the Court, Manuela Mallkuçi. The day before, the court refused her release because the deadline for lifting the security measure had not been met, but today she has been released.

Hoxha has asked several times to change the security measure, as he has a minor daughter and a son with autism spectrum disorders, who currently stay at home with their elderly grandparents.

Hoxha is accused of corruption and abuse of office. Enkelejda Hoxha was sentenced to 3 years in prison from the first instance.

She was dismissed as a judge on March 17 and left in jail by the Court of Appeals. The judge was arrested by SPAK after an operation in the Court of Kruja, in a court session while she was releasing one of her, arrested for murder, while she is accused of releasing other well-known names in the criminal world.