Lindita Nikolla, for the state insurance file: A shocking case, the Assembly must react!

Lindita Nikolla, for the state insurance file: A shocking case, the Assembly

In a statement to the media, the speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla, said that the letter and file that arrived at her address, from the File Authority, on the high-level politician who worked for state security, is shocking.

Nikola has not specifically mentioned the name of former president Ilir Meta, which is found in the document made public by the media already.

Nikola referred to the case with the initials IM

The President of the Assembly demands an immediate response from the Assembly.

Today, she held several consecutive meetings with the leaders of the parliamentary groups, regarding this case.

"Yesterday, the Information Authority on Former State Security Files informed the public about the case of a high-profile politician, with the initials IM, who was involved in the State Security activity. The Dossier Authority has also sent a letter to me, informing me of the identity of this high-profile politician and asking the Assembly for immediate intervention to address a legal obstacle, which does not allow the Authority to take the necessary actions for the case. .

The case is shocking and the Assembly must definitely react. That is why today I called the leaders of the groups and the leaders of the security committee and the law committee, who I informed them about the letter of the Authority, the identity of the politician with the initials IM, as well as my willingness to convene the Assembly at any time that the political forces they will need.

I want to thank the Files Authority for the fair, independent and professional response, as well as for the courage in addressing this case, which raises important questions for our society and for political forces. In respect of the law and the high sensitivity of this truly shocking case, I cannot speak more at this stage", said Nikolla.

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