Who is the 35-year-old who can take the leadership of the largest opposition party in Greece, Syriza

Who is the 35-year-old who can take the leadership of the largest opposition

The elections for the head of the Syriza party have known an unexpected in the last hours, with the 35-year-old businessman Stefanos Kasselakis who lives in Miami, but who is described by the Greek media as a fresh face with a rich CV.

With a successful career in the transport industry, Srefanos Kasselakis is considered a self-made businessman and will enter the race as a politician who supports social equality, the separation of church and state and the abolition of compulsory military service.

He worked as a volunteer on former Senator Joe Biden's staff during the 2008 presidential election.

Internal elections are scheduled for September, and the announcement of his candidacy has already shocked the Greek left, as it was not expected.

In July last year, Syriza suffered a shock election defeat to the conservative New Democracy party (EPP), which led to Tsipras' resignation.

To address the need for "new faces", Tsipras included Kasselakis in the electoral list.

Before Kasselakis, critics estimated that former minister Efi Ahçioglu would also win the domestic elections, but now analysts suggest that the balance could change significantly.

Tsipras has said that he will not support anyone and will keep his distance from the internal elections. However, there are more and more rumors in Athens that he views Kasselakis' candidacy positively.