Kumbaro: 4.5 million tourists so far, we have entered the peak period and coordination is needed

Kumbaro: 4.5 million tourists so far, we have entered the peak period and

4.5 million foreign tourists entered Albania in the first half of 2024 or 34% more than the same period of 2023. The month of June brought 1.2 million inflows to our country or 19.1% more than June of the year that went

The Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro stated that we have entered the period of peak flows and all state structures that participate in the smooth running of the summer tourist season continue coordination, together with tourist operators for the most dignified presentation of the Albanian offer.

"We have entered the peak of tourist flows, where together with private operators who present the Albanian offer every day, but also with the extraordinary responsibility of providing quality service, as well as with municipalities and all public institutions, we are in coordination for the smooth running of the summer season ", writes the Minister of Tourism and Mjeids, Mirela Kumbaro on social networks.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment, through the National Coastal Agency, supports 7 coastal municipalities with additional cleaning operators for the management of urban waste during the peak months of the season, an operation that has started since June 15, while 34 health centers throughout the country are at the service of vacationers.

The Border Police, through a dedicated fleet, will exercise controls over all maritime operators that carry out tourism activities, while the new Thumane-Kashar axis, open since June 30 and the Llogara tunnel, accessible since July 5, will facilitate access to tourist destinations of the country.