The peak of the African wave at night and tomorrow. Weather forecast shows the temperatures and when the weather will cool down

The peak of the African wave at night and tomorrow. Weather forecast shows the

The heat wave that has invaded the country for two days is no longer actually hot on a continental scale, as the summer of 2019 has been even hotter. However, it is abnormal to occur in mid-June. This was said by the weather forecaster of "Meteoalb", Lajda Porja. The peak of heat is today and tomorrow, where temperatures will be felt more than 41 degrees. While he said it should be shown overnight and the next morning. At night the temperatures will be above 30 degrees.

But when will the freshness return?

The weather forecast said that only Sunday will bring a refreshment of the weather, as there will be a decrease in temperatures.

Lajda Porja:

It seems not normal for the month: In fact heat waves are rarer during June, we expect them in July and early August, they are more systematic over the last two decades. We experienced a pretty cool spring and that was felt and created some sort of problem as the heat came right away. After 27 degrees we immediately switched to these values. The normal value would be 30 degrees. We can no longer talk about normal parameters, climate change has taken its toll. But it is not uncommon, abnormal yes. In almost every summer we have heat waves.

Forecast for the following days:

Today during the night and tomorrow you need a little care, as the peak of this wave is expected. There are no temperatures below 20 excluding the southeast, a good part of the areas have a night temperature of 30 degrees. Tonight and tomorrow we have these values, Friday brings a negligible drop that is felt in the northern areas, in the rest will not be felt, temperatures from 41 will go to 39. On Sunday we will feel the cool we will go to the values ??of 36 degrees. Compared to these hot days only this Sunday we will feel a little cool, June closes with high temperatures. This wave is actually staying fewer days. The waves will visit us in July as well, the first days are expected to be cooler but from July 4-5 the heat waves will return.

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