Navigation restrictions in Durrës due to bad weather

Navigation restrictions in Durrës due to bad weather

The General Maritime Directorate has announced new measures for the activity of vessels, as a result of bad weather.

In its announcement, the Directorate describes the measures starting with the suspension of permits for small watercraft starting at 06:00 am on November 5 until further notice.

Notice on the worsening weather situation in the Republic of Albania:

Based on the forecast for the worsened hydrometeorological situation in the Republic of Albania during the dates 05.11.2023 starting from 06:00 on 05.11.2023 the wind will be in the direction South-South-East, the force of the sea up to 6-8 bft, the speed wind speed will be 15-30 m/s, and wave height up to 2-3 m.

As a result of the worsening weather conditions, the General Maritime Directorate has taken the following measures:

1. It is prohibited to issue the Permit - Departure during DATE 05.11.2023 starting at 06:00 for all small vessels, fishing vessels.

2. Small watercraft and fishing vessels have been notified to take into consideration the predicted worsening conditions and to take measures for their safety.

3. International shipping vessels will continue to operate normally according to destinations.

The improvement of the deteriorated hydrometeorological situation for small vessels and fishing will be after 22:00 on 05.11.2023.