Where are the fires extinguished and where are the fires still active?

Where are the fires extinguished and where are the fires still active?

According to data from the National Operational Center for Civil Emergencies, 29 fires were reported in the last 24 hours.

It has become possible to completely isolate and extinguish the foci:

- in the village of Bërzanë, municipality of Lezhë, in the village of Hamallaj, in the area of ??the beach in Currila, in the village of Fllakë, municipality of Durrës, in the place called "Kthesa e Paraspauri" and "Qafa e Kumbullave" of the village of Paraspuar, municipality of Poliçan, in the neighborhood "Tepe", Shkodër municipality, in Hajmel village, Vau-Dejës municipality, in Vrakë village, Malësi e Madhe municipality, in Gumenicë village and in Lezhan village, Selenicë municipality, in Novoselë village, in Panaja village, Vlorë municipality, in Janjar of Konispol municipality, in Stravaj administrative unit, Prrenjas municipality, in Funarës village, Librazhd municipality, in Xherie village, Cerrik municipality, in Mukaj village, Vorë municipality, in neighborhood no. 2 and in Bago village, Kavajë municipality, in Symiz village, Maliq municipality, in Malas village, Mallakastër municipality, in Kapaj village, Fier municipality.

Currently working on:

- in Shetaj village, Durrës municipality, to prevent the reactivation of the hearth that was extinguished yesterday, with the intervention from the air.

- in the village of Bogovë, municipality of Skrapar, work continued on isolating and extinguishing the hearth of the fire that was reactivated yesterday.
- in the village of Arrë, municipality of Vau-Dejës, where the fires are completely isolated, but the monitoring of the situation by the forces of the forest service continues.
- in the Temal administrative unit, in this municipality where the mountainous terrain has slowed down the process of the total extinguishing of the outbreaks.
The work has been going on since the morning in the village of Bogë, the municipality of Malësi e Madhe, by employees of the protected areas and volunteer forces
- on Malin e Grava , Finiq municipality, where the intervention of the fire service began at 5:00 a.m. today
- in Skënderbej village, Prrenjas municipality, where the fire service was also engaged in the early hours of the morning to bring the fire under control and finally put it out.