The Prime Minister answers the question about the minister's husband "strategic investor" alongside Xhačka

The Prime Minister answers the question about the minister's husband

The case of minister Xhaçka's husband as a strategic investor in Dhërmi, where a luxury residence for tourists will be built, has been reported in the media.

Today, to the journalist's question about Rama and Xhaçka, if they know any minister outside Albania whose husband is a strategic investor,

Rama answered him:

I am not one of those who see Albanians as second class. I have heard this song before. But in a small country like Albania, we are all close to each other. I have nothing to say. I would like there to be more Albanian strategic investors, but there are none.

Even Xhaçka, who spoke today for the first time next to the Prime Minister, said:

If you wanted to tell me a cm of public land acquired by me or my husband, I would definitely give you the answer if we have separate or shared assets. I am sorry that this speculation raised by a few members of the opposition, that you have lost your political sense, gets the attention it is getting today, even in this press conference that has been gathered for very important things. However, out of respect for public opinion, I have made my position clear. I am pleased, unlike this speculation that arose, that this process has entered the institutional track and I will wait for the institutions to speak about the issue and I believe that they will speak as they should.