Energy Crisis / Confindustria Government Request: Government Reform with an Energy Minister

Energy Crisis / Confindustria Government Request: Government Reform with an

Confindustria has asked the Prime Minister that one of the immediate measures to deal with the energy crisis be the reform of the government by creating a separate portfolio for energy. Adding that the main reasons for the energy crisis are wrong policies and poor management.

"Confindustria asks Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, to reformat the Government created after the elections of April 25, 2021, by re-creating the Ministry of Energy as a separate portfolio. The request comes, given the announcement by the Prime Minister of the risk of energy crisis in the country.

Confindustria estimates that the first action of the expression of government responsibility for dealing with the current crisis, discovering and fighting the causes of its creation in order not to repeat in the future, should be the creation of the Ministry of Energy.

An important part of the reasons for today's energy crisis comes from wrong policies, poor management, and the consequent lack of proper government representation. "Some positive projects and achievements, in the production and improvement of the management of the energy sector during the first mandate, were continuously interrupted ", it is said in the statement of Confindustria.

Government plan for energy crisis:

1. Ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply for all - a number of detailed measures follow

2.Protecting households and small businesses from rising electricity prices - a number of detailed measures follow

3. Guaranteeing the necessary liquid fund for interaction with the electricity market - the details of the sovereign state guarantee instruments continue, which will be renewable, in the amount of 100 million euros for the electricity distribution company at the end of this year and 100m euros early next year, to secure points one and two.

The government declared a state of energy emergency until April 15, 2022, asking KESH, OST and OSHEE to suspend investments.