Turgut Ozal Turkish College announces a press conference tomorrow at 10:00

Turgut Ozal Turkish College announces a press conference tomorrow at 10:00

Today the Albanian government closed a Turkish college in Tirana, "Mehmet Akif". Just an hour after this news, the most famous and long-lived Turkish College in Albania "Turkut Ozal" has announced a conference the next day, Friday, at 10:00.

The email reads:

Society Turgut Ozal Education sh.a. invites you to the press conference regarding order no. 540, dated September 15, 2022 of the Ministry of Education and Sports for the closure of the activity of the Zubejde Hanim non-public kindergarten.

As far as "Mehmet Akif" college is concerned, the reasons for this sudden closure a few weeks after the start of school are still unknown, but it seems like a last minute decision. Meanwhile, it is not yet known how the students of this school will be organized.

The government's decision states, among other things:

The private pre-university educational institution "Mehmet Akif Ersoy" has the obligation to provide each student with the necessary school documentation, which will serve for his transfer to another pre-university education institution, as well as to cover all costs for carrying out procedures for the transfer of students, pursuant to this decision and to return the payments made by the parent for the unfinished part of the schooling, as well as any other unfulfilled obligations that may be owed to the student.

The media is linking this sudden closure to Erdogan's repeated demands for Gülenist elements (his biggest enemy) in Albania...