'National Consultation': How the new government initiative will work

 'National Consultation': How the new government initiative will
The National Consultation is a government initiative to listen to the opinion of citizens on issues of strategic importance to the country. The initiative will be developed through a questionnaire which addresses questions about the current challenges of the country, then the answers will be analyzed and will be publicly presented to the citizens. The final data will serve for the design of governance policies in the future.

Where can I find the questionnaire?

The questionnaire will be sent to every home of the Albanian family by mail. And can be completed and resended at no cost. You can also express your opinion through the website www.keshillimikombetar.al.

"An open process for every Albanian, living and residing everywhere, regardless of political convictions and sympathies, who can give their opinions through the questionnaire of this new bridge of communication between the government and the Albanian people, by clicking as follows" - writes Prime Minister Edi Rama.