The vaccination card for children 0-7 years old will be obtained online at e-Albania

The vaccination card for children 0-7 years old will be obtained online at

Parents of children from 0-7 years old will no longer need to appear at the Health Centers, to retrieve the vaccination card that they have received, because from today the document is provided online and in real time, through e-Albania.

A new electronic service called "Personal Vaccination Card" has been added to the e-Albania government portal - https://e-lbania.al/eAlbaniaServices/UseService.aspx?service_code=15393

Citizens who have children under 7 years of age, after logging in to their personal account, can easily use the service, without the need to upload any accompanying documents by immediately generating the required card. In electronic form, citizens can present the document at any time to the administration of nurseries and kindergartens where they will register their children, freeing them from the annual effort of securing a paper card with a wet stamp.

Even parents of children who will register their children in first grade will no longer have the obligation to deposit the card with the school where the child will learn. Now, through the interaction of SMIP and the Electronic Register of Vaccination, the digital vaccination card will be sent electronically to the school by the system itself.

Along with the digital card, on the e-Albania portal, citizens can book online for themselves or for minor family members, the time and type of vaccine they want to apply, in order to protect their health. With "Reservation for vaccination" - https://e-albania.al/eAlbaniaServices/UseService.aspx?service_code=15390 , citizens can apply online for the time, date and type of vaccine that will be applied at the health center. Applicants will receive the reservation confirmation notification, through e-Albania, in the "My messages" column to then appear at the clinic in their area of ​​residence.