Cameras of businesses and individuals will be registered in the online electronic system

Cameras of businesses and individuals will be registered in the online

Cameras installed by businesses, individuals of public institutions in their outdoor environments will be registered in an electronic system that will enable the State Police to access information in a faster time in case an event is reported. happened somewhere.

A procurement procedure opened by the National Agency for Information Society with the object of the contract "Digital mapping system for public spaces covered by security cameras nationwide - for the General Directorate of State Police" focuses on the establishment of this system.

According to the documents, it is stated that currently there is no computer system and information of surveillance cameras under the administration of the State Police, ie it is not stored and is not administered electronically.

"Currently there are many cameras in public places, which in different cases and situations need access from the Police. Currently these cameras (whether of the police, state institutions, various businesses or individuals) are observed in the field for a certain perimeter, which the police waste a lot of time identifying and accessing. In order to reduce the reaction time of the police, it is necessary to realize a system where all these cameras are put on a map and in this way it is known where to look in the necessary cases ", the document says.

The object of this project is the implementation of the information system for the digital administration of the camera register of the Republic of Albania, which will include:

At the end of this project, among other things, it is required to first achieve the implementation of the electronic system for identifying the location of security cameras and their coverage perimeter; Implementation of the service of reporting the geographical position of security cameras and their parameters in the e-Albania portal; Creating a database in which the geographical positions of security cameras as well as their parameters will be stored.

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