19 fires have been extinguished in the country, 6 remain active

19 fires have been extinguished in the country, 6 remain active

During the last 24 hours, 19 fires were reported. From which the outbreaks were extinguished in:

in Shqath village, Dibër municipality,
in Shahinaj village, Shijak municipality,
in Dragobi and Bushat villages of Tropoje municipality,
in Shkjezë village, Vau-Dejës
municipality, in Nartë village, Vlorë municipality,
in Kalivaç village, Memaliaj municipality,
in Dëshiran village, municipality Belsh,
in the village of Drizë, municipality of Kuçovo,
in the village of Karbunarë e Vogël and Konjat of the municipality of Lushnje,
in the village of Shtiqën, municipality of Vau i Dejes.
in Selcë village, Maliq municipality.

During the last 24 hours, 342 operational forces of the Fire Protection and Rescue Service, Armed Forces, municipal forces, police forces, employees of the Administration of Protected Areas, forest service, volunteer forces and 35 fire engines were engaged.

Active foci are:

1. Shkodër municipality, in the place called "Maja e Zorgjit" in the village of Ndërlysaj, which has been going on for 3 days, in a forest area with a pine forest and mountainous terrain that has burns inside the hearth. Today, the forces of the Administration of Protected Areas were engaged.

2. Mat Municipality, in the village of German, in an area of ??pine and oak forest near the Qafshtama National Park, which has been activated since August 1. The forces of Mat Municipality, supported by the Armed Forces, are engaged in extinguishing fires. The situation is already improving and it is expected today that the remaining outbreaks will be extinguished.

3. Durrës Municipality, Following is the fire that occurred on July 19 in the village of Shetaj, which throughout this period has had fires rekindling, either through carelessness or on purpose. Even today, the work continues with tools and excavators to open the way so that the outbreaks can be reached by the operational forces and their final extinguishment can be carried out.

4. In the Kurbin municipality, the outbreaks in the village of Skuraj and Malin e Bardhë continue to be active, the intensity of the outbreaks is low. Today, the structures of the Kurbin municipality continue their commitment for their final extinction.

5. Yesterday evening, we were notified of a fire in the village of Bulshat in the municipality of Mirdita, in the same area that was extinguished a few days ago. The fire service responded immediately by maintaining the fire safety perimeter so that there was no danger to the homes. The operation to extinguish the fire is being carried out by the fire brigade and the forces of the Municipality.

6. Today it was reported about a fire in the village of Rehove in Polican Municipality, in a forest area, for which the fire service forces were immediately engaged.