Former Minister of Rama: I often felt like I was immersed in a container of poison in politics

Ish-ministrja e Inovacionit, Milena Harito u fut me bujë në 2013-ën si një nga prurjet e Edi Ramës me personazhe që i ktheu nga karrierat jashtë vendit, si Rudina Seseri dhe Milena Harito. Seseri u largua shpejt dhe vazhdon një karrierë të shkëlqyer në Amerikë, ndërsa Milena Harito, qëndroi deri në ditën e fundit si ministre. Në një intervistë për RTSH, Harito flet pa arra në gojë, tregon anën e hidhur të politikës, tregon se ka qenë shumë e vështirë të punoje me Edi Ramën, sqaron lidhjen shumë të largët fisnore me të dhe tregon një moment kur Lulzim Basha i bëri bllok në Facebook.

Former Minister of Rama: I often felt like I was immersed in a container of

Full interview of Milena Harito:

Ms. Harito, can you tell me the most difficult and best moment you had with Edi Rama in those four years?

Best honestly, it sounds like wooden tongue, but the best memories are the things I wanted to do. I had other options but wanted to do a few things here.

Did you want to change Albania?

Jo. Changing Albania is a big word. Albania changes you, me, others in what you do. I had some ideas and Edi Rama was the right man with the right power and the right vision to make those things happen. The moments when some difficulties were overcome and things moved forward were moments of great pleasure that were worth it.

The most important one. So the hardest moment?

I thought you forgot. In those beginnings he made me cry a couple of times.

Did you cry a lot?

Jo. I do not cry much because I am from Vunoi, but I cried.

And Rama was very upset that you cried!

He was the goal. When I think about it those are moments he was right about. In the sense not of the method but of the essence because by harassing you, sticking your knife in places where it hurts there makes you advance.

Was this the case with Milena Harito?

He does not bother to deal with the feelings of one and the other. There are other troubles.

That you were state minister and had the office close by.

Yes on the same floor.

Worse had not meant.

His antechamber was worse.

How have they been four years as a minister? What was it like working with Edi Rama?

Was it absolutely passionate? It seems from my career I am a man who works hard because I am a man who loves work. But, as much as I worked in that period as a minister in the Rama government, I have never worked in my life.

Are you saying this once again, did Rama make you a minister again?

Stay very calm. You and the Socialist Party. I declare that this is not going to happen. I will not be a minister and that is the safest thing in the world.

With that said a bottle of vinegar has been opened there in PS. Do not say jokingly that Edi Rama gets up in the morning and says Milena Harito will be a minister, what would you say?

I will tell I have my life. That's it.

So how were four years of working with Edi Rama?

Superpasionate. Very interesting. I can say that it is very difficult to work with Edi Rama.

In a positive or negative sense?

Positive I would say but ..

I mean in Albanian, take the soul?

Yes. Absolutely in all formats. I do not know what I said in French. When I returned to the Orange company in Paris which has an annual turnover of 40 billion Euros, one of my wonders was when the bomb would explode and the bomb would not explode. I expected when the difficulty would occur but no. Whereas when I was a minister in Albania, the work was very busy and tense.

What intrigue did you have around you?

I sometimes felt like I was immersed in a poisonous container and I sometimes pulled my head out to breathe.

Rudina Seseri said that Edi Rama is not a perfect prime minister, but even Shiëporia is very difficult to navigate. Do you agree with this definition?

Yes it is very accurate.

Mrs. Harito, can you explain specifically what cousin you had and do you have Edi Rama?

Eight cousins.

Are you specific?

Or does he know the eight cousins?

I may even know them by chance.

Then there is a fact. Spiro Koleka, a member of the Politburo, had a passion for genealogy and since he had the opportunity, he created the family tree and left it to the children. The trunks of our families come together in 1740.

What were your ancestors like that year?

Sister and brother, and then the branches of the branches have come to me and Rama.

Did Berisha say that you were cousins?

He did this and opened it. He said it and became a legend. The doctor is unprecedented that he stuck to me.

How do you analyze the way Lulzim Basha does opposition?

Basha has very serious problems. I remember when I was a minister I got information that he had not received his university degree. I wrote a status on Facebook that Lulzim Basha should make the diploma public. But it blocks me directly. This was the climax. Instead of being transparent you build your career on the basis of a lie.

What does this mean?

For me, Lulzim Basha is the chief admirer of Edi Rama. As long as Lulzim Basha is the chairman of the Democratic Party, Edi Rama will be the prime minister.