Interpol is expected to release the photo: Adriatik Llalla from escape seeks suspension of prison decision

Interpol is expected to release the photo: Adriatik Llalla from escape seeks

Former Chief Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla has asked the court to suspend the execution of the decision of the Special Court of Appeals with two years in prison. According to the television media, 'Klan', Adriatik Llalla has submitted a request claiming that taking him to the cell could have serious consequences for his health due to an illness that, according to him, he has been suffering from for a long time.

The request of the former chief prosecutor has been drawn and will be tried by Judge Erjon Çela on October 14.

Meanwhile, the day before, the procedures for declaring him internationally wanted were completed. His name and photo are expected to be shared by Interpol and all countries with the details of his sentence in Albania.


Adriatik Llalla was sentenced by the Court of Appeals to 2 years in prison, found guilty of not declaring property in 3 cases, he was also expelled for 5 years from exercising public functions.

So far, from the verifications in the Tims system, Adriatik Llalla turns out to have left Albania at the beginning of September, just a few days before the Appeal made the final decision.

In the final hearing for his sentence, the lawyer of the former chief prosecutor requested the suspension of the prison sentence in case of conviction, submitting an expert report that according to him confirmed Lalla's irreparable illness, however the request was rejected.

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