The incident at QSUT, it is learned how is the condition of the injured

The incident at QSUT, it is learned how is the condition of the injured

The elderly patient who was injured together with the medical staff at QSUT after the fall of the elevator is in serious condition. The media report that the 80-year-old received major head injuries, while the QSUT employee who accompanied her has cracks in both legs.

The elderly woman was being escorted to do a scan in the late hours of last night when the accident happened.

The two injured as well as a QSUT nurse remained trapped in the elevator shaft for several minutes until the fire brigade arrived enabling their removal.

QSUT announcement

The patient, accompanied by the nurse and the load-bearer, at the exit of the elevator, had injuries, together with the load-bearer, as a result of an elevator defect.
The nurse and medical staff immediately provided the necessary assistance to the patient and the caregiver.

The patient was then consulted by specialists for this injury, as well as continued consultations and examinations for the disease and after performing a contrast scan, resulted in pulmonary thromboembolism, a diagnosis for which is under the supervision of the medical team.

QSUT informs that all elevators are in a complete maintenance system by the company contracted for the maintenance service, which are performed periodically, according to the contract in force. Further expertise is expected to assess the cause of this incident.

Meanwhile, the maintenance technician was escorted to the police for questioning.