Immunologist Sulçebe: Everyone should be vaccinated to not have a scenario like last winter. Who should do the third dose

Immunologist Sulçebe: Everyone should be vaccinated to not have a

The only weapon to escape the coronavirus pandemic is mass vaccination. This is what the immunologist Genc Sulçebe says in an interview this morning where he stressed that the immunized population should be vaccinated as soon as possible. According to him, 20% of people who are not affected by the virus, should not expect to be immunized naturally but through the vaccine.

"If the Alpha virus predominated last spring, it had a reproducibility index of about 4. The Delta variant is double, so it is quite contagious and the threshold of collective immunity of the herd no longer goes to 85 percent or 90. We still have 20 percent of the unimmunized population. so we have to immunize it. "We should not wait for natural infection but speed up vaccination." , Sulçebe said in an interview with ABC News.

Meanwhile, based on the discussions in countries around the world for taking the third dose, the immunologist says that the third dose should be selective, ie only at-risk categories such as those with concomitant diseases and old age.

"The immune response is not the same in all people, it is variable and not everyone who gets the vaccine will have 100 percent protection. It was 90 percent with the Delta variant coming down and with Pfizer being considered the most powerful going up to 80 percent. We have populations against which the vaccine may not be protective. Those who have passed the infection should get the vaccine and increase the chance of not getting infected. If they only did the vaccine or only the infection goes to 80 percent. For this reason the third dose is being approved, especially those who have higher vulnerability and concomitant diseases. Only vaccination helps us, we can not expect natural infection. If we catch this 20 percent and immunize it with the vaccine before the cold season starts, we are not experiencing what we experienced last winter. This is the strategy that is being done in the world, the third dose will not be recommended for all those have been vaccinated, but for those who are at risk, who have concomitant diseases and old age. ”

* Interview of immunologist Genc Sulçebe for Abc News, transcribed by Tiranapost.al.