Cyber ​​attack, Government with official statement: Over 98% of online services are functional

Cyber ??attack, Government with official statement: Over 98% of online

Belinda Balluku, in her first public communication as deputy prime minister but also after the cyber attack that paralyzed online services, has informed about the steps taken by the government and the committee for cyber protection for the return to normality, as she said, of the situation.

Balluku said that for this he cooperated closely with the Microsoft company that provided technical assistance, as well as the FBI and other intelligence services.

"The scale of the hit has been massive. The cyber war is undoubtedly the weapon that is being used today to bring states, companies or even more broadly to their knees", she said, adding that everything will be made transparent after the full investigation to avoid disinformation of the citizens.

"It is important and this is something to be noted, - that, - in just 4 days we had the return of more than 98% of services and a good part of other services are being restored," underlined the deputy prime minister.

Cyber ??attack, Government with official statement: Over 98% of online

While the director of the National Agency of the Information Society (AKSHI), Mirlinda Karçanaj, said that after 2 weeks the services are returning to normality. "After 14 days of continuous work, the ANKSI team, experts from local companies, our partners inside and outside the country, it finally became possible for the public administration to return to normality and work processes step by step step," she said. "I can say that over 98% of online services are already functional," said Karçanaj.

The Dart Team and the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center led this investigation. "Microsoft will continue its partnership with the Republic of Albania in managing cyber security by increasing the level of protection against malicious attacks," said Kevin Cen, team leader at the Dart company.