The rape of the 3-year-old by the teacher, raises the Task Force in Tirana: There are 8 unlicensed kindergartens

The rape of the 3-year-old by the teacher, raises the Task Force in Tirana:

The rape of a 3-year-old girl in a private kindergarten in Tirana, which turned out to be unlicensed, set up the Task Force to conduct an audit of the situation. According to the collected data, there are 8 private kindergartens in total, in Tirana, that are unlicensed.

The data was presented by the Minister of Education, Ogerta Manaslirliu.

"The incident of mistreatment and violence against the 3-year-old girl, which shocked us all. Controls by the special group require taking punitive measures. They are not and will not be simply an isolated intervention. We did not stop only at the case that was made public. MAS has set up a Task Force from the General Directorate for verification and completion of standards in the country's municipalities. From the controls of these days, 90 non-public gardens have been infested. 67 kindergartens exercise their activity in accordance with the legislation. 8 non-public kindergartens have not applied for licensing and 2 of them have been denied licensing.

Based on the problems, the Ministry of Education has published on its website the kindergartens that are licensed and the list is being updated. Entities seeking to exercise the "garden" activity should take measures for the exercise of this activity. If the documentation is not completed, there will be an immediate interruption of the activity.

More work coordination is still needed to guarantee maximum service in educational institutions. We strengthen the monitoring links. Precisely because we still have challenges in front of us and there are still problems that need to be addressed, at the top of the list will be the reform of preschool education. Zero tolerance to any phenomenon that harms the child.

I have a call, reprehensible and painful negative phenomena, they are shocking but we can fight them by interacting all together as a society to increase the quality of services", she said.