Convicted in GJKKO, Judge Luan Daci is dismissed

Convicted in GJKKO, Judge Luan Daci is dismissed

Luan Daci, the judge of the Special Appellate Panel, is finally dismissed. The decision was taken today by the KPA.

"The nature and circumstances of the disciplinary violation are classified as the most serious and make it unsuitable for the performance of the duty of a judge of this institution. Therefore, the College decided to dismiss him," reads the KPA decision.

He was sentenced to 6 months in prison converted to one year of probation and the condition that he not exercise public functions. The SPAK investigations persuaded the Special Court against Crime and Corruption and the GJKKO Appeal to convict Luan Daci of forging documents to win the post of KPA member.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daci said in an interview with News 24 that he will go to the Strasbourg court to find justice and that the Special Commission has violated the Constitution.

Luan Daci was initially sentenced in the session held on December 1 to 6 months in prison, a sentence which is converted into 12 months of probation. SPAK had requested 1 year in prison.

According to SPAK and GJKKO, Judge Luan Daci falsified the documentation at the time he applied to become part of the KPA body. In the documentation submitted at the time by the KPA judge he concealed the fact that when he was a judge in the Tirana court in 1997, the HCJ on the proposal of the Minister of Justice dismissed him from office for violation of the law and disability.