The opening of Tirana after the pandemic, Veliaj: Hopeful that we have come out better and more united; Our focus was on knowing

The opening of Tirana after the pandemic, Veliaj: Hopeful that we have come out

Mayor Erion Veliaj stated that Tirana has left behind the pandemic by coming out more united. Speaking at the ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the Metropolitan University in the capital, Mayor Veliaj underlined that this is another moment to celebrate the opening after the pandemic.
"I very much hope that today we have a moment to celebrate. I am glad that as soon as Tirana opened, we have the first activities, only today there were three university activities. We all hear those complaining about a restaurant, about a bar that is legitimate and the schedules will be extended, but the fact that the first events start with the universities makes me hopeful that since the pandemic we have come out a little better, more united and maybe and a little smarter ", stressed Veliaj.

He stressed that the pandemic and earthquakes once again showed the importance of knowledge.
"Earthquakes or pandemics have shown us that disasters can take some things, such as earthquakes. While what you have in your head, knowledge, no one takes, no one steals, no pandemic, no earthquake, no rain, no flood. Even the question we have to ask ourselves is: are we the nation we have or the nation we know? It is not the rich who make a nation forward. The Czech Republic does not have much, but it has produced the probe, it has produced industry, it has produced technology, today it is one of the places where people want to live. "What also pleases me is that this vision has been the vision of the government", said Veliaj.

The Mayor underlined that Albania's attention will be precisely on increasing knowledge.
"We have had 3-4 trips with the Prime Minister, both in Turkey, in Hungary and in Bulgaria. What I liked is that the Prime Minister had insisted that in every meeting, except the government we would meet rectors. Now we need to focus on knowing. "The nations that know turn into nations that they have" , said Veliaj.