Elva Margariti's grandfather one of the architects of TK and the minister's response to his technical opinion

Elva Margariti's grandfather one of the architects of TK and the

Tiranapost following the fact-check column, this time has revealed a video that made noise on portals yesterday. It would certainly be a bomb news if a minister comes out against her grandfather for politics, but even though we often find mistakes on Margariti's Instagram this time in this video we give her the right. What did she say on Open when asked about her grandfather?

Some portals flooded with headlines saying that Margariti thinks differently from her grandfather Anton Lufti, but what did the Minister of Culture say in the conversation with Eni Vasili?

Read below:

Margariti: I have technically said it as an architect and in other interviews, there is an approach to restoration as we have learned in school, totally conservative, which is closely related to every element that must be preserved in the origin in its genesis and here we begin and divide.

Eni Vasili: So as a student of Florentine school you will not be able to approve the demolition of a building in principle, which represents the heritage despite the fact that it is not as old as those of Florence?

Margariti: It would create a long technical debate about what the restoration of that building would mean, that it is not like the restoration of Bylis, Butrint.

Eni Vasili: Since we are in restoration. Someone writes to me, I don't know how true it is: that Mrs. Margariti's grandfather was an architect of a restoration intervention in the theater, is that true? I just got this message.

Margariti: First of all, I especially thank the people who remembered to mention my grandfather, but it is true that he was one of the most prominent and skilled architects, maybe it is not up to me to speak with superlatives about my grandfather. But as any show related to the theater has already been politicized, my grandfather was remembered for speaking this month.

Eni: Would your grandfather have agreed to the demolition of the theater?

Margariti: I would like to ask him personally but it is impossible

Eni: You don?t have an opinion of your own as long as you know your grandfather what he thought of the theater, he didn?t leave that assessment.

Margariti: I did not know my grandfather, I followed him in his stories and the works he left behind. What my grandfather thought was a technical opinion, and there can be a lot of debate among technicians, so we will not follow my grandfather's word. I find it superfluous.