The Supreme Court blocks HPPs in Valbona

The Supreme Court blocks HPPs in Valbona

HPPs in Valbona will not continue to be built without a final decision from the Court. The decision was taken by the High Court today and currently this decision hinders the work for the construction of HPPs in Valbona.

The Supreme Court has accepted the request of the inhabitants of 27 villages of the Municipality of Tropoja and the Association "TOKA", the Association for Preservation and Protection of the Albanian Alps, represented by the law office KALO & ASSOCIATES, to oppose the construction project of 2 hydropower plants Dragobia and Cerem in Valbona Valley National Park.

The Supreme Court blocks HPPs in Valbona

The association sent a lawsuit to the Administrative Court in 2017, while today the Supreme Court announced that it has accepted the request for review, suspending the start of works.

The notice of the High Court states:

"It was decided to accept the request of the plaintiff to take the measure of securing the lawsuit for the suspension of the concession contract and its additions and permits mentioned in points 3-6 of the object of the lawsuit, until the final resolution of the case with a decision of the final form ”.

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