Fines do not reduce accidents, expert: To remove the patent permanently, why should the Ministry of Education be involved?

Fines do not reduce accidents, expert: To remove the patent permanently, why

Even with the changes in the Road Code from May, with stricter penalties for drivers, the number of accidents during July-August also due to the load of vacationers has been high. Road Safety Expert. Islam Qibini says that the changes in the Road Code are not enough to have a concrete impact. He proposes that there be toughening of sanctions starting from the blocking of the car until the revocation of the license, finally.

Here is what he says:

"Changing the provisions of the Road Code was a necessity which affected the prevention of road accidents, but this is not enough, given the statistics of July-August. We need to have a change of punitive and coercive measures. To seize the vehicle of the driver. There should also be measures for sequestration of the patent, for revocation of the patent permanently, or blocking of the vehicle for over 3-4 years ”.

According to the expert, the prevention of accidents is done not only by the Traffic Police, but also by the Ministry of Education and the General Directorate of Transport. But what role would the Ministry of Education have where the driving school is in its place?

"The Ministry of Education for the education of young people, on the principles of road safety, on the general norms for driving. This should be with special programs in schools. "Also, the General Directorate of Transport should increase the time limit for obtaining a driver's license or license, " he said in an interview with ABC.

The number of road patrols has increased in the main axes of the country for three months. Radars and drones that catch high-speed cars have also been added. The leading cause of accidents in the country turns out to be the wrong overtaking.

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