'Gërdeci' / It is revealed who will consider the case against Fatmir Mediu

'Gërdeci' / It is revealed who will consider the case against

The member of the High Court, Albana Boksi has been chosen as the person who will review the case against former Minister Fatmir Mediu, for the Gerdec case.

The reopening of the case took place after 12 years at the initiative of the family of one of the victims.

The Special Court of First Instance decided to reject the SPAK request for reopening the case and blamed the Prosecution for not prosecuting the former Minister of Defense for 8 years, while arguing that the criminal offense he is charged with is statute-barred.

Fatmir Mediu opposed the decision of the Special Appeal, claiming "violation of the principle of legal certainty and the principle of the adjudicated thing".

The SPAK is expected to investigate the former minister's responsibility in the tragic event of March 2008, an event for which Mediu was twice accused of abuse of office under the Criminal Code and the Military Criminal Code, but was never tried after being protected by parliamentary immunity.